Why doesn't my zip code work for billing?

If you try to enter your billing information and get an error about your zip code, this article will explain why this might happen and provide a few tips and workarounds.

Why do I get zip code or payment error?

The reason these errors usually happen is because Stripe, our payment processor, uses a payment form that shows a postal code based on a dataset that maps card numbers to countries. This usually makes checkout faster and more secure. 

Unfortunately, sometimes their dataset is wrong or incomplete. Sometimes even when the dataset is correct, it could be a unique checkout situation such as if you're trying to use a US credit card with a registered billing address in a different country. 

How do I resolve zip code errors?

We're really sorry about these zip code errors and wish there was something more we could do on our end. You may be able to contact Stripe directly for support here. Contacting them about your billing errors could help them improve the accuracy of their dataset and they might be able to resolve your payment errors. 

Additionally, if you think your zip code error is not related to Stripe, please reach out to our support team directly.

In the meantime, the fastest way to process a payment if you're experiencing zip code errors is to submit your payment with PayPal instead. We hope this helps explain any errors you might have and appreciate your patience while we work with Stripe to resolve these issues.

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