Do you write resumes or offer feedback?

Looking for a little extra help with your resume? While we don't offer a service to rewrite resumes, we do now offer the option of getting an expert opinion on your resume! This option is accessible in the Deals Feature in every account. Simply go to the header menu at the top of your account page, navigate to the “Deals” section and check out all the great opportunities available there.

We also offer a full library of resources to help get you on the right track:

  • Resume Examples- Benefit from our library of 250+ resume examples with editable resumes organized by industry. Save time by using an example to get started.
  • Blog- We strongly recommend visiting our Blog to get the latest and best Resume Writing and Job Search tips. We write about all of our most frequently asked questions, and work hard to offer the most useful and advantageous advice possible. 
  • How to Write a Resume - Utilize our interactive e-book with chapters dedicated to the most important sections of a resume with rules, tips, free examples, and more.

In addition to reading and utilizing our online resources, you can use to share a link to your resume. Consider sharing your resume with a colleague, career counselor, trusted friend, or even your parents a family member for feedback. Asking someone for feedback or  to review your resume before sending it to an employer is a great way to catch mistakes or identify parts of your resume that need work.

You can also benefit from our unique Resume Sharing Statistics Feature that enables you to see who has viewed your resume, from what location, and for how long. This will help you to gauge the effectiveness of your resume and make changes if necessary. The location tracker offered in this feature will also allow you to keep track of global opportunities and identify potential employers based on city/country. Now you can sleep better knowing you won’t unknowingly miss out on engaged recruiters!

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