How do I create a cover letter?

You can use to quickly and smoothly build a cover letter with our writing assistance tools. You can also easily share the letter with anyone using an online link. Each resume template has a matching cover letter template you can use to send along with your resume. You will have access to unlimited cover letter templates, custom color choices, and the option to download PDF’s.

How to create a cover letter on

Step 1: Sign into and from the main dashboard click on the tab next to resumes that says Cover Letters.

Step 2: Select "Create New" to create a new cover letter and open the editor. See the screenshot below:

Step 3: Fill in your cover letter details. We have 3 sections for each cover letter:

  • The Employer Details section is where you add the specific company details for each cover letter such as the company name or the hiring manager name if you know it. If not, leave this section blank.
  • The Personal Details section is where you add your personal details including the job title. We help you get started by adding some details from your resume.
  • The Letter Details section is where you'll add the message in your cover letter. 

Step 4: Select the template design that you like best (or one that matches your resume). You can now download your cover letter in different file formats: the TXT version is free if all you need is the text itself, but the PDF templates offer professional and proven designs for the best results.

Other Tips for Cover Letters

Below are a few additional tips and resources for writing great cover letters.

How to change the name and language of your cover letter

The name of your cover letter will be the name of the company you are applying to. By default if you don't add the position or company name, we'll label your cover letters Untitled. Giving your cover letters good names will help your dashboard stay organized. You can also change the language of your cover letter by clicking the flag icon below the cover letter name and selecting the language you want to use. 

How to delete a cover letter

Delete a cover letter by going to your Cover Letters Dashboard and clicking Delete. Deleting a cover letter is permanent. Deleted cover letters cannot be recovered by our team. See the screenshot below.

Where to find help writing cover letters

For more tips on how to write a great cover letter, visit our blog. We renamed the blog, “The Elevator” to better reflect the purpose of all of the articles and advice you receive there. This blog is intended to to help you reach your career goals and rise to the top of your field. Whether you’re looking for help crafting your application, preparing for an interview or advice on how to handle workplace challenges, “The Elevator” is a collection of our most nuanced advice straight from our expert career writers. We always post new tips on writing resumes, cover letters, career advice, and more.

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