How do I change my resume template or design? offers several different design themes or templates. All of our themes work with your resume content so you don't have to worry about changing your content to fit each design. We are excited that the Docx(Word) export feature is now live for one of our most popular templates, “Going to Dublin.” We have also updated our Moscow Template which features an even bigger Skills Section and five gradient backgrounds to choose from!

Once you create your resume you can change the design or template in a snap. First go to the resume you want to change and click in to edit the resume. Once you have edited the resume, you can then click on the Preview on the right side. On the left you will see various resume templates to choose from. See the screenshot below.

If you are in the full-page preview, you can also change the template by clicking on the "Select Template" icon on the bottom of the screen. See the screenshot below:

If you're looking for more ways to customize your resume you can always:

  • Select a different template
  • Certify and upgrade your skills to reassure and impress employers, as well as potential clients. Utilize our Skills Suggestion Tool to make adding the right skills a breeze.
  • Utilize our Custom Color Picker Tool to brighten up your resume and change the color theme. 
  • Activate or deactivate your photo
  • Change the language
  • Our Section Title Editor is another way to making resume writing easier, allowing you to customize your resume  sections to your liking.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of three new bright resume and cover letter templates to add a fresh twist to any application. Cape Town features modern color blocking and a bold font, while Geneva stays classy with understated text on a vibrant background. Lisbon is another new member of our creative family, with a playful colorful scheme and a nautical feel. 

The newest additions to our collection of job-winning resume templates are: Boston, Rome, and Toronto! These three templates are designed to give your next application a professional edge with a touch of class. Our resume builder allows you to try out all of these different styles and land your next great position in no time.

In addition to these exciting template additions, an improved version of our Moscow template is here and it is truly better than ever. You’ll notice that we’ve added a bigger skills section so you can easily show off your strengths, plus radial dials that let you tell an employer just how much expertise you’ve got under your belt. The most fun element of our redesign, however, are the five gradient backgrounds to choose from! Whether you fancy pastel purple or a refreshing green hue, these colorful touches allow you to create a resume that hiring managers can’t help but read.

To learn more about how to customize your resume check out this Blog Article

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