Why is Something Missing or Not Saving in My Resume?

By default, anything you type into the Resume or Cover Letter Editor will save right away. You do not have to click save to save your content.Our new offline resume writing support feature ensures thatif internet disconnection occurs, users will be notified and all data that was changed will be saved even while internet is down. Once the internet resumes our users will be prompted to continue editing their document and saved data will be synchronized with the server.

When you preview your resume or cover letter, you'll see the arrows at the top to view the next page. See the screenshot below.


If you're still having an issue saving or finding content you added you should also:

●    Check your Resume or Cover Letter Dashboard and make sure you're not looking at the wrong version of your document.

●    Check you are signed in with the correct email address. If you initially signed up for Resume.io with Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook then your account is created with the email address you use with those tools. 

●    Refresh the app or try logging out and logging back in.

●    Try creating and saving content using Chrome, our most supported web browser.

If you're still having trouble finding something you saved or saving your resume or cover letter, reach out to us. It could be a bug or it's possible we might be able to identify the issue and restore your lost content. Hopefully we can get you back on track!

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