How can I customize my resume?

Our resume templates are designed to adapt to your content and look great across all of our designs. Below are a few ways you can customize your resume. 

Customizing the Layout

There are a few ways you can customize the layout of your resume, including:

  • Change the Design Theme / Color - Learn more about how to switch your template and customize colors here. Use our easy-to-use Custom Color Picker Tool to brighten up your resume.
  • Add Color-progressed Bars to Show your Skill-level Visually- This feature can be found in the sidebar under languages/skills.
  • User Avatar Images With Most of Our Templates-Optional but stylish personalization. 
  • Add / Remove Photo - Some of the templates are designed to use a photo but you can always remove the photo from any template. You can now add different photos to different templates as well! You can also edit and remove the backgrounds of photos to achieve the look of a professional headshot. Learn more about uploading or editing your photo here.
  • Line Spacing- You can now achieve the desired length of your resume by adjusting the Line Spacing from -50% to +50% using increments of 25%. 
  • Re-Order Sections - Every section below the Professional Summary in the main column of the resume can be re-ordered. To re-order a section, click on the grid icon to the left of the section as seen below. You can then drag sections up or down. See the screenshots below.

  • Change the language - Learn more about changing the language in your resume here.
  • Skip Sections & Fields - Exclude sections or fields from your resume by leaving them blank. The labels or sections you skip are automatically removed from the resume. 
  • Rename and Edit Section Titles- You can also edit and rename section titles now, resulting in a more friendly and unique user experience. 
  • Add Links - Add custom links to your LinkedIn Profile, online portfolio, etc, in the Personal Details section. 
  • Add Powerful Skills with our Skills Suggestion Tool- Knowing what skills to list can be difficult, but with the help of our machine learning algorithms, now does the work for you. Our resume builder will automatically suggest likely skills at the top of the section. As you add them, the system will analyze the current picture and suggest new relevant skills, which you can adjust in placement and experience level. Wowing employers with the right skills has never been easier. Don’t forget to check out our new Moscow template that features an even bigger skills section!

We have also recently launched a series of video instructions for some of our most popular job titles, complete with a step-by-step resume creation process in our builder.Supplemented with additional facts, tip, and writing advice, these video guides are a great way to ensure your resume is a stand-out winner.

*Currently it isn't possible to re-configure the layout for the personal details, professional summary, hobbies, or skills sections. For example, you cannot move the skills section from the right to the left or add a margin or page break. We hope to have more features available for customizing the layout in the future. 

How to Add a Custom Section

Another way to customize your resume is with custom sections. You can choose any title you like for a custom section. To add a custom section scroll to the bottom of the resume editor to the different options for adding new sections.

Fonts & Font Sizes

Currently you can't edit the font or font sizes in your resumes or cover letters. We hope to have more features for fonts in the future. In the meantime, we suggest experimenting with the different template designs available as each of them use slightly different font themes. 

How to create a one page resume

The ideal length for your resume is one page. In order to achieve this you should simply focus on including only the most relevant and impressive information in your resume, and discarding any excessive information that is not advantageous to your resume. Keep in mind it is not possible to edit the font size to shorten the length of your resume. 

Be sure to customize your cover letter too!

Creating an impressive Cover Letter has never been easier, and now you can match it to your resume template with just the click of a button. We always recommed tailoring cover letters for specific job applications to increase your job prospects. By keeping your cover letters on your dashboard you can easily achieve a cohesive and organized look and keep your job search organized too!

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