How do I duplicate or create multiple versions of my resume?

You can create an unlimited number of resumes using a premium plan. Our free plan allows you to create one resume and cover letter, which you can continually edit.

Why It Matters

Personalizing each resume and cover letter for the specific job you're applying to increases your chance of getting hired. This attention to detail shows that you took the time to understand the role and it gives you the opportunity to closely align your resume and cover letter content with the job description. Visit our Blog, “The Elevator,” to get more useful tips.

Editing and managing versions of your resume and cover letter in is the fastest and easiest way to do this!

How to Duplicate a Resume

Log in to and visit your Resume Dashboard. From there you'll see a list of your resumes. Click on the button that says Duplicate. See the screenshot below.

How to Rename Your Resumes

Always rename different versions of your resume and cover letter. The goal is to name your resume and cover letter something that will help your job search stay organized. Most often our users rename documents using the title of the job they are applying for. It is best to tailor different resumes and cover letters for different job applications.You can rename your resume and cover letter simply by clicking on the document name on your Dashboard. See the screenshot below. 

Once you duplicate and rename your resume, you can start editing the new version and the original resume will stay the same. You will have the ability to upload a different photo and use a different template as well. 

We also now support the ability to add different photos to different templates within the same account! So feel free to change your photo as you see fit.

Check out this article on our blog to learn why you should customize your resume for each application.

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