What can I do with a premium subscription?

A premium account gives you full access to all of our site's premium features, including total access to our growing selection of job-winning resume templates and cover letter templates, the ability to download PDF and Word documents, and more. In addition to our award winning resume templates, we now offer 18 innovative and fresh cover letter templates as well. See a list of the most useful features accessible through a Premium Account below: 

Premium Subscription Features

  • Unlimited Resumes and Cover Letters
  • All Premium Templates and Colors
  • Unlimited PDF Downloads

We are also proud to announce the launch of our new Deals Feature within every resume.io account. This function allows you to expand your job development beyond the usual scope: benefiting from expert resume reviews, educational services and even business advantages. Simply go to the header menu at the top of your account page, navigate to the “Deals” section and check out all the great opportunities available there.

Don’t forget to utilize our unique new Statistics feature that allows you to see your resume views over the short and long term. Find out how long someone viewed your resume and from what location. Being able to identify global opportunities based on the city/country of your resume viewers will help to ensure you don’t miss engaged recruiters! Track the changing trends in your resume views to gauge the interest of viewers and make changes when you feel necessary. 

We have flexible sign-up plans as well. You can start with a 7- Day Trial Subscription and then elect to sign up for a 6 month or yearly plan. Read more about Pricing here. 

How do I cancel my premium subscription?

You can cancel your premium subscription anytime by visiting Account Settings in the top right corner of the app. Click here to learn more about downgrading or cancelling your account from the app. 

If you downgrade to a free plan you can always log back into Resume.io to access and edit your resume or cover letter for free, as well as upgrade to a premium plan anytime.

We try to offer the best pricing plans to our customers based on personal preferences and a variety of factors. As a result, our Resume.io pricing plans can vary based on specific locations or can be different than previous pricing plans.

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