How can I use for free? has a few different tools you can use 100% for free without entering any credit card details. 

On the free plan you can:

  • Create a great resume from scratch with the assistance of our resume builder that walks you through the process. 
  • Write a cover letter in no time at all using our professional tools, pre-generated phrases and tips, and download the file for free in TXT format.
  • Download a TXT file of your resume to copy / paste and design on your own.
  • Share online links to your resume
  • Search and utilize our library of resume examples. Our extensive library of REAL resumes is a great place to start for inspiration.
  • Log in to edit / access your resume or cover letter.
The trial gives you access to premium features for 7 days and automatically renews to a monthly subscription. You can cancel your account anytime from the account menu in the top right corner of the app.

How to Share Links to Your Resume for Free

Use for free AND take advantage of our premium design themes by sharing online links to your resume. An online link to your resume is a fast and easy way to share your resume with potential employers or with people in your network via email, message, or even text. Learn more about sharing online links to your resume here.

How to Download a TXT File for Free

Once you create your resume on and want to download it for free, you can download a TXT file.  A TXT file is exactly what it sounds like. It's only the text of your resume without a design theme. Once you download the TXT file, you can open it on your computer, select all the text, then copy and paste the text into a word processor like Word or Google docs. From there you can adjust the format and style on your own, but still have the foundation of a great resume. You can also download the TXT file of your cover letter for free, this is great for quickly creating a high-quality cover letter using our writing suggestions tools and saving the actual text on your device. Beyond that, we offer 18 professionally designed and tested cover letter templates that you can match to the style of your resume and download in different formats, including PDF.

To download a TXT file of your resume or template, log in to and visit your Dashboard. Click the link below the main menu for each resume or cover letter to download the TXT file. See the screenshot below.

You can always log back in to to access and edit your resume in the future. Instead of wasting time tracking down files on your computer or starting your resume from scratch over the years, even if you downgrade from a premium plan, you can always use for free to keep your resume updated. 

Don’t forget to utilize our unique new Statistics feature that allows you to see your resume views over the short and long term. Find out how long someone viewed your resume and from what location. Being able to identify global opportunities based on the city/country of your resume viewers will help to ensure you don’t miss engaged recruiters! Track the changing trends in your resume views to gauge the interest of viewers and make changes when you feel necessary. 

In addition to the free features outlined here, you can also take advantage of our free resources designed to help you create a great resume and get hired fast:

  • Resume Examples - a library of 250+ real resume examples organized by industry.
  • Cover Letter Examples-  a library of 50+ cover letter examples to learn from. 
  • Blog- The latest in resume advice, career tips, free templates, and more. We recently renamed the Blog, “The Elevator,” to better reflect its purpose of elevating your success. 

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about using for free.

We try to offer the best pricing plans to our customers based on personal preferences and a variety of factors. As a result, our pricing plans can vary based on specific locations or can be different than previous pricing plans.

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