How do I track my job applications or job search?

The average job-seeker applies to 25 - 50 jobs during an active job search. That can be a lot of information to keep track of! 

Use's job tracking board to organize your job search and keep track of the companies and jobs you are applying to. Easily manage your role in the hiring process, and reach your career goals faster.

How it Works

Click on Job Tracking from the main navigation to open the job tracking dashboard. See the screenshot below. 

From here click "Add Job" under any status. See screenshot below.

The statuses are fixed to help you stay organized:

  • Wishlist - jobs you want to apply to, but haven't yet.
  • Applied - jobs you have already applied to and are waiting to hear back from. 
  • Interview - jobs you either have interviewed for and are waiting to hear back from or jobs you have a scheduled interview for.
  • Offer - jobs you have a pending offer for.
  • Rejected - jobs you have been rejected by.

We are also pleased to now offer our Chrome Extension for our Job Tracker Board!

Now you can easily save job opportunities and vacancies you see on the internet, right from the corner of your browser. Using it is very simple:

      Install the extension on the official Google Chrome store (free)

      Log into your account

      Search for jobs on the internet

      Save jobs in the top right corner of your browser

      They’ll go to your Job Tracker board. Done!

New feature alert!

Be sure to take advantage of our incredible new feature in our builder that will help to better prepare our users for job interviews: Interview School It provides various helpful tools including mock interviews, that can help you strategize ways to achieve the greatest interview outcomes. With Interview School you can craft a custom plan to give yourself a better chance at interview success. Why not give yourself the best odds possible? Check out Interview School today!

*Note: Don't get discouraged if you apply for lots of jobs and don't hear back. Employers often receive hundreds of applications so if you don't hear back after 4 - 6 weeks, it's usually safe to assume your application was rejected. We always recommend following up to be sure. The best strategy is to continue tweaking your resume and applications to apply for more jobs until you hear a positive response. You can also utilize employer feedback to improve your process. 

When you're ready to move a job from one status to another, click and hold on the job to drag and drop it into a different status column.

Adding a New Job

Once you add a new job to your board, you can also add details such as tags, the link to the job description, salary info, notes, and more. See the screenshot below.

We also offer the option to merge your Resume and Cover Letter together into one PDF File to help maintain organization and streamline the job application process. You can find this new function in the dropdown menu under “More” to the right of your resume/cover letter preview. Then, simply choose which two documents to combine and you’re good to go!

You can now greatly benefit from our unique Statistics feature that allows you to see your resume views over the short and long term. Find out how long someone viewed your resume and from what location. Being able to identify global opportunities based on the city/country of your resume viewers will help to ensure you don’t miss engaged recruiters! Track the changing trends in your resume views to gauge the interest of viewers and make changes when you feel necessary. This is the ultimate feedback 

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