Will My Resume or Cover Letter Be Public?

When you create a resume or cover letter on Resume.io it is only accessible by you and the people you share it with.

Our support team and engineers can also access your resumes and cover letters in order to help you resolve issues, to gather data for developing new features or marketing, and to answer questions you have about the app. Once you delete your resume or cover letter it is permanent. We cannot recover deleted documents.

Learn more about sharing your resume and downloading your cover letter here.

Deleting and/or Making a Resume Private 

Once you share a URL, your resume is no longer private. Technically, somebody can copy and share that URL in the future.

If you have shared a URL but want to make sure that resume is no longer accessible at that URL, the best way to do this is to duplicate your resume that was shared and then delete it. That way your resume will be associated with a URL that hasn't been shared yet. 

Once a resume is deleted, the old URL will redirect to a 404 page. 

Don’t forget you can also download your resume as a Word Document. 

From time to time we may ask if you'd like to share your resume with our partners, such as ZipRecruiter. Sharing your resume will never be a default option and we will always make it clear this is something you are choosing to opt-in to. We urge anyone concerned about privacy or confidentiality to take a look at our excellent ratings and reviews on Trustpilot

If you have other questions about privacy, see our privacy policy or terms of service.

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