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Welcome to This guide will help you get the most value out of your experience and hopefully bring you one step closer to your next job. 

Below is a mix of helpful FAQ articles on using the app. You can also visit our Blog, “The Elevator,” to get the latest and greatest tips to help you on your quest to land that perfect job.


Instead of creating your resume from scratch, our resume-builder walks you through quick steps for making a great resume. Here are a few resume resources to get you started:

Cover Letters

If you're using a cover letter as part of your application materials, you can use to draft and download cover letters too. Choose from one of our professionally designed cover letter templates and take your application to the next level in no time. We now offer 18 innovative and fresh Cover Letter Templates that have been carefully designed to match and compliment your resume.

Deals feature 

You can now take advantage of our Deals Feature within every account. This function allows you to expand your job development beyond the usual scope: into expert resume reviews, educational services and even business advantages. Simply go to the header menu at the top of your account page, navigate to the “Deals” section and check out all the great opportunities available there.

Statistics Feature 

You can now greatly benefit from our unique Statistics feature that allows you to see your resume views over the short and long term. Find out how long someone viewed your resume and from what location. Being able to identify global opportunities based on the city/country of your resume viewers will help to ensure you don’t miss engaged recruiters! Track the changing trends in your resume views to gauge the interest of viewers and make changes when you feel necessary. This is the ultimate feedback tool that will enable you to effectively manage your resume based on the reaction of others. 


Get started on for free and you can always sign in to to edit your documents using the Magic Link sent to your email. Learn more about our most popular features on the free plan. If you upgrade to a trial or a paid plan to download PDFs, you can cancel your subscription anytime from the Account menu in the app. 

Get in Touch

There are a number of ways to stay on top of the latest resources, learn about new features, and get in touch with our team for support. Be sure to take advantage of our Newsletter which provides job seekers and professionals with the latest and greatest resume and job tips! And the best part? It’s easily read in less than 15 minutes!

One of the most recent exciting changes as of late has been our merger with Talent Inc- the leading digital resource and trusted advisor to job seekers worldwide. Talent Inc. added to their suite of professional career-services brands that include TopResume, TopCV, and TopInterview. Four our clients, it means only changes for the better. All of our products will stay on the same path, but we will put even more resources into making your professional superpower!

We try to offer the best pricing plans to our customers based on personal preferences and a variety of factors. As a result, our pricing plans can vary based on specific locations or can be different than previous pricing plans.

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